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Build a Sense of Community in Your New Boutique Apartment

Set yourself apart from the many and become part of a community in a small luxury boutique apartment building.

Most of the new apartment complexes are huge with lots of units and people. A disadvantage of such a huge complex is the lack of community feeling.

Buying in a smaller boutique luxury building fosters a greater sense of community. Neighbours become friends and there can be an overall feeling of belonging. For many of us who are over 50 who want to downsize, still want to feel part of a community.

Living in one of those big apartment complexes can be daunting. Choosing to live in a smaller, more intimate boutique apartment complex engenders a greater feeling of closeness to your neighbours. If you live alone or don’t have children, having neighbours you can count on is a blessing.

Human contact is important and we seem to be getting less of it in this age of technology. When you live in a small community of unit owners, there is often a greater opportunity to communicate with your neighbours and establish new relationships.

A feeling of connectedness is important. Fostering the sense of community in your apartment complex can add to the perception of being connected to all the resedents. It is less overwhelming and even friendly. Imagine the new friendships and experiences that can develop.

When there is a good sense of community, you feel less alone and isolated, even better health has been experienced when there is a sense of community.

Sometimes moving into a well established apartment building can be a challenge in terms of getting to know the other owners. But, if you can be part of a brand new community, everyone is in on the ground floor so to speak and the community feeling can grow from there.

As baby boomers get older, the kids have moved away or even if you don’t have children, the prospect of a future alone is frightening. Establishing a sense of community in your new living situation such as in a small boutique luxury apartment complex might be the answer. It can benefit all the owners by being a friendlier and safer place to live in your retirement years.

Be a good neighbour and reach out to those around you. Understand the need and desire for a sense of community and you will be contributing to a happier and healthier lifestyle for all.