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Luxury Boutique Lodge – What Sets Luxury Accommodations Apart?

When it comes to a luxury boutique lodge, you have a lot of different things to consider when choosing your accommodation. This sector of hotels and lodges in the travel industry are designed specifically for people who are on vacation and looking to truly relax, feel pampered and indulge themselves. The mood is designed to accommodate the relaxed holiday feeling and ensure guests are pampered and relaxed the entire time that they are staying. There are plenty of chain hotels and resorts out there, of course, but nothing quite matches the allure of luxury accommodations.

A luxury boutique lodge will feature things such as beautiful views of the surrounding scenery, rooms that are built to reflect the beautiful New Zealand countryside, and accommodations that are a cut above the rest. New Zealand is known for its stunning scenery as showcased in movies such a Lord of the Rings, The Piano and Rain and due to its relatively small population of just over 4 million people, there are a large number of National Parks, in both the North and South Islands, one of the most well known in the South Island would be Aoraki/Mount Cook, these parks are managed on behalf of the country by the Department of Conservation. The parks also encompass the many awe inspiring mountains in the country which create a counter balance to the lush green landscapes.

A luxury boutique lodge will offer a much smaller number of rooms with a focus on providing the best service possible to the people who are staying. The service, therefore, will be much more attentive and customised than a typical hotel because there are fewer guests and more staff members to focus on your needs while you are in the country. From stunning views in rooms that are designed to make the most of the surrounding environment to top-rate service, luxury hotels are just better than any other accommodation. Most of these accommodations are owner operated and therefore you will treated to a higher standard of hospitality by an owner whose aim is to make your stay without compare.

Luxury boutique lodge accommodations are committed to providing personalised service in a warm, friendly manner. The goal is to help keep the guests feeling relaxed and welcomed instead of making them feel like a herd of tourists in a foreign country. The New Zealand way of life is infused into these accommodations to allow people to get a feel for what the country and its people are really like while they are staying on holiday. Expect many personal touches not found elsewhere and the lodges strive to ensure all your needs are catered to.

Exquisite bedding and furnishings, gourmet cuisine and included amenities are what set the luxury boutique lodge apart from other accommodations that are available. Everything will be designed to give you the most luxurious, relaxing experience while you are in New Zealand. The staff will provide you with a friendly, intimate experience and treat you like you are the only guest that they have, giving you that extra special touch that you are looking for on holiday. The service, food, and accommodations are all designed to be the best of the best, which is why so many people choose an authentic luxury accommodation over a typical chain hotel or resort when visiting New Zealand.

5 Best Apartments in Dallas Texas

Dallas is a sought after location for many families since it has a lower cost of living and it also has many linked suburbs, which can provide a huge choice for those who want to find a nice living abode. It is always nice to aspire for the best Dallas apartments in the city. Every individual has a unique definition for what works best for him or her and this rule also applies to those who want to look for the best apartments in Dallas. However certain areas in any town or city are recognized to be the most up market or uptown. There are many super luxurious or stylish Dallas Texas apartments and some of the popular ones are discussed here.

The Element: As the name signifies, these apartments offer a nice blend of well-kept interiors and open exteriors. They are about open spaces and best living conditions. These apartments have bright lighting, ample parking space, and nice outdoor patio settings. Rent could be $3000 or up but good deals can be worked out with apartment locators who specialize in these Dallas apartments for rent.

Dylan Residences: These are modern Dallas apartments. They are located in uptown Dallas and have luxurious settings such as rooftop decks, swimming pools etc. Color coordinated kitchens, spacious closets and cabinets, Wi-Fi connectivity etc are the characteristics of the apartments.

Belmont- These uptown Dallas Texas apartments are a dream possession. Set in close proximity to the best boutiques and restaurants in the Henderson Corridor area, these apartments in Dallas promise plush interiors, bay windows, equipped kitchens, gated community, clubhouse, pool and other amenities.

Marquis on Gaston: This is another prestigious address. The residents here get more than just a living space. The apartments offer a nice view of the Dallas city. Costs of renting a good Dallas Texas apartment here could be steep but those who need this style can probably afford it too.

2929 Wycliff: This place offer a young, trendy and sophisticated urban style living. Walk in showers, athletic fitness centers, and sun ledges adorn the apartment. These apartments are meant for the fitness freaks who like their homes to be extended gyms or freshness spas. The home aspect of this most sought after Dallas apartment for rent is less important than the fit and freshness ambience in this trendy address.

The Top 5 apartments in Dallas Texas may change every now and then as there are always new and better buildings coming up. Lifestyles change and needs define tastes. The best Dallas Texas apartments may be an illusion for most of them who live there but for a couple of the exclusive families these become homes and status symbols.

Tips About Living in Houston Galleria Area Apartments

I relocated to Galleria Houston Apartments area back in the Fall of 1997, in a Hotel called DoubleTree Galleria. This hotel would shape what I thought about Houston especially the Galleria area. The amenities were nice, the location was posh, but the cookies were to die for (I was off to a good start…doubletree cookies yum!). Let’s talk about location; it was right next to the Galleria Mall. Coming from Michigan I didn’t know what the “galleria” was nor had I heard about the actual mall. When I found out it had an Ice Skating ring inside the Mall I was blown away. I thought who builds a gigantic ice skating ring inside a mall that’s already 4 stories grand! I came to realize this was a Texas size Mall. From the free Doubletree cookies, Shwarmas, Gyros, and BBQ Ribs I was loving my stay in Houston’s Galleria.

After a month at the Hotel, our Corporate apartment was ready at a property called The Essex House Apartments. It was a two bedroom corporate furnished apartment with daily house cleaner service. I remember eating my first Texas burger at Becks Prime. I had my first Texas style Indian food at Kirans (formerly Bombay Palace) and Chinese food from P.F Changs. It was nice eating out almost every night. Soon to follow would be numerous trips to Pappasitas, Mexican Restaurant famous for its sizzling fajita plates for two! It was so popular and such a hit with our family that we became weekly customers of this great Tex Mex eatery.

With so many retail boutiques and small unique restaurants, which I had never heard about, it’s no wonder the Houston Galleria Area became such a big hit! I miss living in the Galleria area and driving down popular streets like Westheimer Rd. I recommend anyone coming to Houston from some far away distance city or state in the United States to definitely consider Galleria Houston Apartments as their new place to call Home!